Welcome to OpenHAT - the Open Home Automation Toolkit

OpenHAT is an open source project that aims to help you build your own home automation with inexpensive equipment like Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. OpenHAT provides:

  • openhatd - an automation server software used to control automation projects,
  • Arducom - a communication library for Arduinos, useful for data logging and control purposes,
  • AndroPDI, an app for remote-controlling devices for Android,
  • instructions on how to build your own automation projects using readily available electronics.

Is it for you?

OpenHAT is for people who like building things themselves rather than relying on ready-made proprietary components. It targets the somewhat experienced do-it-yourself hobbyist who is reasonably competent with electronics and computers. Once you have mastered the basics you will be rewarded with endless possibilities for extending and expanding your home automation, plus the benefit of being independent from manufacturers' product life cycles.


  • Runs on Windows and Linux, with the Raspberry Pi being the primary target
  • Controls actors like relays using an Android application or an HTML interface
  • Accepts input from sensors like switches, temperature or light sensors
  • Supports complex automation tasks like window and shutter control
  • Logs weather and other numerical data, e. g. from electricity and gas meters
  • Supports beautiful metrics dashboards using InfluxDB and Grafana
  • Automates everything using an automation model configured in a simple text file
  • Integrates with the operating system for data acquisition and control
  • Uses a plugin mechanism for extensibility and support of third-party products

Application Example